Holly Whiteside – MindfulCaregiving Guide

Holly Whiteside

Holly is a nationally recognized expert on the emotional realm of caregiving, and inventor of MindfulCaregiving, a proven emotional survival toolkit. These simple techniques give caregivers access to a more peaceful experience of their journey, as well as easier  communications with loved ones, family, and professionals. Employing deeply intuitive listening and effective behavioral tools, she demystifies the innate connection between inner balance and outer control.

Holly brings 20-years of life coaching and ten years of caregiving to her work. Her approach is rooted in the theory of Action Language (Searles, Flores), and in training in the personal transformation work of Werner Erhard. Life coaching tools and exercises are adapted to caregiving, and integrated with various principles of alternative healing, mind/body practices, and New Thought.

MindfulCaregiving principles are shared in her books, “The Caregiver’s Compass”, “Exploring Hell and Other Warm Places”, and “The Caregiver’s Reader”. Holly coaches by phone or email, and offers occasional presentations and workshops.

Holly is also a Life Enrichment Specialist, developing person-centered and person-directed programming for the Rockingham County Nursing Home. She is certified as an Eden Alternative Associate, a long term care Ombudsman, and in Hospice spiritual care. She is a member of the New Hampshire Coalition for Culture Change.

Statement of Philosophy: 

“My work is in service of life. Wellness in caregivers breeds optimal wellness in their loved ones or clients. As caregivers learn a new language of what it means to be a caregiver, what it takes to be of greatest service, and methods for maintaining clarity of focus, they eliminate the energy drains of caregiving. While tending to their own vitality they become more available in heart and mind.”


Website: MindfulCaregiving.net

Email: holly@mindfulcaregiving.net

Phone: 603-679-5838



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