Lori La Bey – Alzheimer’s Expert


Lori’s 35-year powerhouse career began by organizing and streamlining systems to improve the quality of life of the developmentally disabled, and she hasn’t stopped since. She then developed The Classic Lifestyles™ Program, a one stop resource for educational and support services for seniors, their families, and their support teams which focused on removing the fear surrounding later life transitions. Lori was launched as a speaker and a trainer. Senior Lifestyle Trends was her next company, which designs educational programs for Senior’s and their families, as well as industries interested in the Senior Market.

Lori’s Mother was diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease, and its progress eventually inspired Lori to change focus, bringing her passion, vision, and expertise to bear on the world of dementia and caregiving. Due to her own frustrating search for alzheimer’s resources, Lori created a blog and resource directory,  and in 2009 expanded it to become the Alzheimer’s Speaks website. She began speaking, training, consulting, and coaching on alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and caregiving in response to public demand for her insights. Lori developed and now utilizes Emotional Based Training™ techniques, shifting hearts and minds to deliver person centered care for those with dementia. The Alzheimer’s Speaks YouTube Channel was launched in February of 2010.

In 2011, Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio was launched. It is believed to be the first radio show in the world dedicated to dementia. It’s a true virtual resource center that shifts our dementia care culture on a global level, and raises the voice of all stake holders. In that same year she also brought the first Memory Café to the US from the UK. The Memory Café is a social support group for people with early memory loss and their care partners.

In 2012, Lori launched “Dementia Chats™ – While We Still Can” a firsts of it’s kind free webinar series.  Here Lori interviews experts living with dementia.  Lori feels strongly we lose traction in our battle with dementia by not tapping into the knowledge of those living with dementia.  People diagnosed with dementia find a resolve and support for what they are dealing with, while caregivers and care partners shift their dementia care culture, changing the way they deliver care.

Now in 2013, Alzheimer’s Speaks has introduced a new campaigned called “Dementia Friendly Businesses and Communities.” This program allows organizations to leverage Alzheimer’s Speaks multiple platforms, educational opportunities and tools to improve their services, raise awareness and build their brands, all in the name of improving our dementia care culture.


Website: Alzheimer’s Speaks

Email: lori@alzheimersspeaks.com

Phone: 651-748-4714


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